There will always be a shortage of skilled workers in virtually all industries, and there will always be the need for cover. And by far the best way to find temporary cover is by hiring a professional agency to find the right people.

More often than not, many companies also prefer the flexible options provided by employment agencies to fill their employment gaps. Sometimes it’s just to play a little catch up, and sometimes it can be the placement of temporary workers with a view to perhaps hiring them full-time if the position demands it. It’s often much better for a company to hire temporary staff to “test the water,” so to speak, rather than commit to a full-time contract if the workload isn’t going to be there.

So you could advertise for temporary employees yourself, but knowing where to advertise and having the time to carefully select which candidate you should interview etc. can be very time consuming and inconvenient.

Fast and efficient

Most recruitment agencies are incredibly fast. This is because it’s their only role. They don’t have to run your company, all they need to do is understand what type of candidate you need and then go find them. A large number of companies end up actually leaving a whole in their team and rely on everyone else to do the work, rather than fill the vacancy, just because it takes too long to find the right candidate.

Once a company has delegated someone to the task of finding the right candidate, and they have successfully discovered the right places to advertise, they then have a stack of CVs to go through. With a recruitment agency, they will more than likely already have a list of suitable candidates that fit the company’s criteria, so they are able to work quickly in presenting only the most suitable for consideration.

Existing database

It’s this existing database of candidates that makes the recruitment agency the most popular choice. Recruitment agencies have years of knowledge and expertise, not to mention contacts in many specialist sectors. The chances are, they’ve already placed numerous candidates in similar roles before and know exactly which to choose. They have access to industry specific candidates with the necessary skills required.

Not only do they have inside information about who is the most qualified, their extensive experience also enables them to choose candidates that will best suit the company’s individual work culture. This makes the chance of finding a successful, lasting placement much higher.

Temporary employees are most often the most up to date!

Many agencies will find applicants that are used to filling temporary roles. This means that they are more than likely fresh from employment and up to date with the latest market trends, or technology, or whatever pertains to your company. It’s often much better to take an applicant straight from another position, as opposed to one that has been sitting on the recruitment shelf gathering dust!

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