Are you looking for a specialist recruiter that will offer you the best bespoke staffing solution to find you high quality candidates for your job vacancies?

At Cosmopolitan Recruitment we recognise the value of employees in skilled roles and managerial positions, and we understand the commitment required, in both time and money, to find replacements.


We bring you career oriented candidates

Finding a suitably qualified professional with the experience the employer needs is where we excel. Whether you are looking for someone with the technical skills for a Hard Landscaper position or are in need of a Landscape Manager to take over leading an established team, we have the knowledge and resources to bring you the best career-oriented candidates to fit your specifications.

Through the research we undertake with each of our clients, we gain a thorough understanding of your business, not only what you do but also the workplace culture, an important factor when considering candidates to work for you. Each candidate is reviewed personally by us. When we look for your ideal employee we don’t stop at their level of experience. They are not just defined by the contents of a CV; we take time to speak with them to get greater insights into their personality and soft skills. Through our extensive experience we are able to match the most suitable candidates with you, ready for interview.


We provide long term employees

Whilst we do use advanced software systems and databases that allow us to clearly report our findings directly to our client throughout the recruitment process, we believe in a more in-depth approach with greater emphasis on candidate longevity.

When you hire a candidate via us, it is our aim that, through our understanding of your company and our assessment of the candidate, you will have the best person for the position and for your business. Our candidates are not just looking for a job they are looking for a role where they can evolve and grow in their chosen career. We find people who are willing to adapt, innovate and strategise to ensure that your business stays ahead. With this in mind you can expect that employees you recruit through us will remain with you for many years as they progress in their career.

We offer many key benefits to employers


• Highly knowledgeable and experienced consultants in our specialist market sector.

• Dedication to finding you staff who have the skills and personality to fit within your workforce and the requirements of the role.

• A personal service that cares about our clients and candidates, building trusted relationships with both.

• A high quality outsourcing recruitment solution to save you time and money.

• An extensive pool of highly experienced applicants.

• A flawless reputation and outstanding attention to customer satisfaction.

• No upfront fees required. Payment is only on a successful placement, and we offer a generous rebate period. We are confident that our customer experience and results will keep you coming back.

• Our rates are fair in the current market, and we charge a fixed fee of 15%, which reflects the time and effort of our processes.

Simplify your staffing process with our personal recruitment service.


Next steps

Whether you are ready for us to help find your next employee, or you want to plan ahead so you are prepared for when you need to, give us a call, contact us by email or through our contact form. We are always ready to help.

Alternatively, if you have the details of a current job vacancy, you can submit it to us online in just minutes. Our recruitment specialists will evaluate the skills and experience you require and be in touch to assess the corporate culture of your business and discuss the next steps so they can find you the best fit candidates.

We put the care into careers.


Have a question? We are always here to help. Email us or call +44 (0)20 3026 2067
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