Landscape architecture is fundamental in the design and creation of attractive outdoor spaces in urban, residential, commercial or rural areas. In a job as a landscape architect you will combine your design capability, plant knowledge and management skills to plan and oversee the creation and development of gardens and green spaces.

What does a landscape architect do?

In a landscape architect job, you are responsible for the initial stages of planning, based on the requirements of the client. You will then use your design knowledge and skills, along with your in-depth understanding of plants and physical features, to develop this into creating an outdoor space that is both attractive and functional, where needed, and benefits the natural environment. Landscape design jobs will require you to manage entire projects from concept to completion.


Some of the key tasks that are part of a landscape architect’s job include:

  • • Discussing requirements with clients
  • • Carrying out a site survey to ensure all requests can be met. This can include checking things such as the ecology, environment and heritage of the area and any impact on adjacent buildings
  • • Taking the client’s specifications, results of research and your experience and knowledge to prepare and present plans and drawings of suitable designs
  • • Creating detailed plans using computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • • Contacting and coordinating the various manufacturers, suppliers and contractors required to complete the work
  • • Carrying out site visits during the construction period
  • • Liaising with team members, managers, contractors and clients to ensure work is completed successfully and deadlines are met.


What qualifications, skills and experience do I need to be a landscape architect?

To apply for a landscape architect job opening you will usually be required to have a degree in a relevant subject, accredited by the Landscape Institute. These may include landscape architecture, garden design, landscape management or urban planning. Alternatively, if you have a degree in a different subject area, you can begin your career in landscape architecture by taking a Landscape Institute accredited postgraduate conversion course.


Skills necessary for landscape design jobs include:

  • • Creative ideas and ability
  • • Excellent skills in drawing and design
  • • Competence using computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • • Good observational skills and an eye for detail
  • • Proven knowledge of plants, horticulture and ecology
  • • Environmental and conservation awareness
  • • Excellent communication skills
  • • Client management skills


For an entry level landscape architect job vacancy, having hands-on work experience from your degree, part-time work or any voluntary projects where you have proven your design and creative skills are always beneficial.

Where can you work as a landscape architect?

A job in landscape design can be in the public sector, such as with a local authority, the environmental agency or another government body. However, many landscape architecture jobs are in the private sector, either within a construction company or a private architecture or landscape architecture practice.

As a landscape architect your job is primarily office based, but when a project is underway there may be opportunities for site visits. When you have a few years of experience working as a landscape architect you can move into more senior or managerial roles which may include more direct involvement with clients and site visits. This example of a senior landscape architect job description, based in London, is just one of the landscape architect job vacancies that Cosmopolitan Recruitment has filled.

To see our latest landscape architect job openings near you, head to CV Library.


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