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Finding the right balance in the race to fill your latest job vacancies

As a recruitment specialist, we know that finding candidates to fill job vacancies can sometimes seem like a long drawn-out process. To get the ball rolling, there is always the temptation to get candidate CVs over to clients as quickly as possible, however, this has the potential to defeat the object. Tens or hundreds of mediocre CVs will take far more time to go through than just a few high-quality CVs, which is why at Cosmopolitan Recruitment we believe quality is just as important as speed.  

Recruiters can find you candidates fast

Online job boards are an invaluable resource used widely by both employers and recruiters to advertise vacancies and find potential candidates. However, they do have their disadvantages. Job boards contain millions of resumes covering a wide range of industries, skill sets, experience levels and locations. By entering in your own specific criteria this can be narrowed down significantly, but there is still the strong likelihood you will receive multiple CVs, many of which may be irrelevant.

By enlisting a recruitment agency to help fill your next job opening, you are putting your trust in them to provide you with candidates specifically suited to the role you need to fill. Some recruiters may rely solely on technology, whether through job boards or their own Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to find you candidates that have the general qualifications, technical skills and experience that match. It is a fact that recruitment is a competitive industry and running a search like this is a relatively speedy process. Often recruiters will submit a search in rapid response to a vacancy being listed on a job board. In this way, a recruitment agency may quickly send you numerous CVs in order to claim ownership of any candidate that becomes successful as a result.

While this approach may provide a prompt response, the obvious downside for you as an employer is that you may be presented with a long list of candidates that could be suitable, but you will still need to go through each CV to determine if they are really appropriate for the role and your company before you can get to the short-listing phase.

Recruiters can find you good quality candidates

A candidate has a first class engineering degree, they are excelling in their current entry level job but have had minimal experience working with CNC machines. This is a significant skill needed for the position you are looking to fill.

Proposed candidates may look good on paper, but in reality they can be completely unsuitable for the role or the company due to things such as real experience, soft skills or even personality. These are things that can only be determined through direct contact. Whether its meeting people at a job fair, seeing them face-to-face in the office, or speaking to them over the phone or Zoom, speaking in person with individuals is always the best way to get to know them. This approach enables recruiters to get to know potential candidates a little better, giving them an idea of their character and a chance to ask the questions that don’t come across on a CV or online form.

Of course, this takes time, but it is time invested by the recruitment agency to bring you the best possible candidates right from the start. The benefit for you as an employer is a potential saving on the cost of using job boards and an even bigger saving in terms of time that may have been spent on sorting through vast numbers of CVs and prequalifying candidates prior to interview. 

Finding the balance

The consultants at Cosmopolitan Recruitment understand the need to find the right balance between speed and quality when it comes to recruiting. While speed can be important to get candidates to clients, it is just as crucial that they are the right high-quality candidates. While any agency can quickly compile a list of candidates with matching criteria for a job, taking the extra step to vet candidates and only send over those most suitable for the client will save time in the long run.

One of the things that makes our recruitment service different is the time we invest to achieve results. See our employers section for more information. For us, it is not a numbers game. Our priority is to save our clients time and money by prequalifying candidates and ensuring they fit the requirements of the job.

We do this by utilising our time to gain an in-depth knowledge of our clients, so we have a good understanding of the types of roles they recruit for as well as insight into the company culture. This puts us a step ahead as we already know the types of candidates that are most suitable for your business and our personal contact with jobseekers means we have already screened them as applicants. The result is that we only need to send over a relatively small number of CVs and you can expect that they are all highly suitable, good-quality candidates for your vacancy. 

So, which is your priority – speed or quality?

Speed and quality in the recruitment industry go hand in hand. However, the race should not be to receive a huge pile of CVs as quickly as possible, rather a smaller pile of CVs from a recruitment specialist you trust. Ultimately this will be a faster route to success. A recruiter you are confident in will only provide you with high quality candidates that successfully tick all the boxes, making them an excellent fit for the job role and for pursuing a career within your business.

If you would like to submit a job vacancy you can do so via our dedicated vacancy submission area. To find out more about how Cosmopolitan Recruitment can help you, complete our contact form and we will be in touch.

We put the care into careers with our bespoke recruitment service

In a digital world, recruitment is just one more industry that has changed over the last few years. Technology now plays a leading role in the way people search for a new job and in how employers find their next employees. With the proliferation of online job boards and electronic CV submission, the consultants here at Cosmopolitan Recruitment are fully aware that this can sometimes take away the personal touch when looking for the next step in your career. This is why with our bespoke recruiting solutions we make human contact a big part of how we work.