We put the care into careers with our bespoke recruitment service

In a digital world, recruitment is just one more industry that has changed over the last few years. Technology now plays a leading role in the way people search for a new job and in how employers find their next employees. With the proliferation of online job boards and electronic CV submission, the consultants here at Cosmopolitan Recruitment are fully aware that this can sometimes take away the personal touch when looking for the next step in your career. This is why with our bespoke recruiting solutions we make human contact a big part of how we work.

Bespoke recruitment with a human touch

There are many job recruitment agencies out there, but Cosmopolitan is a little bit different, and we like to think we are relatively unique in what we do. Our approach to both clients and candidates is not just as a business transaction, we are focused on forming trusted relationships.

For us, recruitment is about getting to know people. We put in the time to learn about the businesses of our clients so we have a true understanding of what you do and the kind of people that would fit in with your work ethic and company culture.

With our candidates we don’t just read CVs and pass them on. What we see on paper is never a true representation of what a person is really like, that is something we can only learn by speaking to you, asking questions to understand your strengths and weaknesses and getting to know your personality so we can be confident that the company and job roles we put you forward for are a good match. There is no point sending someone who prefers an office based managerial role for a position that is going to require a fair amount of travel and site visit.  We only learn this by having a conversation. 

While this approach may take a little more time in the early stages of the recruitment process, in the long run it pays off as we see our candidates happy in their new jobs and our clients pleased with the high calibre of their new employees.

Forming these trusted relationships is at the heart of what we do. We like to be honest and transparent so you know exactly how we can help you, understand the way we work and have confidence that we can provide an outstanding recruitment service experience, whether you are an employer or employee.

How we care for job seekers

We may be a recruitment agency, but recruiting is not where your journey ends with us. We don’t just care about placing you in a job, we care about helping you in the next step of your career.  We want you to feel valued throughout the recruitment process. We understand how important career development is and this is our focus when helping find you a job. We are dedicated to matching you with a job role and company where you will receive the support, experience and any training needed so you can evolve and grow as you further your career.

How we care for clients

As recruitment specialists in various sectors, our consultants have the knowledge and experience to find candidates with the skills and abilities to meet your expectations. We take the time to get to know potential job seekers in the same way that we fully familiarise ourselves with our clients. By doing this we reduce your workload and save you time by only sending you top quality candidates that we know are right for the job and a great fit for your business.

We offer a personal service that cares

We’ll be honest, technology still has a big role to play in the way we work, it is at the heart of marketing, promotions and communications. However, as a smaller, bespoke recruitment company we are able to offer more by maintaining a personal approach and building an excellent rapport with our clients and candidates.

We care about providing the best possible service we can to match the best people with jobs where they can pursue their career, and providing our clients with carefully vetted candidates, safe in the knowledge that they will bring value to the role and your business.

If we can help you with the next step in your career or if you are an employer needing assistance with recruitment, contact us.